The Real Murder House Story...

My name is shane the scaremaster of murder house, tampa's scariest haunt!!! I must say that i am amazed by the amount of support and feedback on tampa's underground haunt. i owed it to the scarefans to share a story of the current status of murder house... I see all the phone calls coming in and the emails asking the question?! an Apology from the Scaremaster... I want to answer every damn phone call, cause I love you people! Ha! really am overwhelmed and quite sad that I have had to cancel the haunt this season! Forgive Me, my friends and family!

as the scaremaster, i am dedicated to bringing you quality horror content!!! You fans rock, inspiring me to keep pushing for the true vision of murder house, an annual scarefest, raising funds for local charity! Murder House welcomes you to enjoy new content painstakingly created, to hold you over until our next official haunt...

 The truth to why Murder house is not currently operating... red tape and bureaucracy!!!

                                                                                                               Please follow the new tiktok                                                                                                              @murderhousetampa

I have been ready to unleash a hyper scare haunt and still retain all the Murder House props and Costuming needed for the event to continue. This is not easy to store, transport, permit and operate a professional haunted attraction. I would not wish this workload on any man & I have endured this to bring tampa something unique and new! I have the vision to accomplish a complete Scarefest with Stage Shows, Concerts, ScareZones, a Raging party and the haunted attraction fans want!

I urge Murder House fans to please share the story that our haunt is ready to go!!!! as soon as the b.s. is over then you are going to hear from me immediately!

Thank you to the die hard Murder house fans. i continue to do all this hard work for you all to enjoy. support artist as the state of the world is making it entirely more difficult for artisit of small businesses to survive on the artful content that everyone demands to consume!


p.s. I really miss entertaining the public by constructing and scareacting in Murder house.

soon to return y'all ... stay tuned!!!

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