Height: 5’9″

Weight: 140 Pounds

How could a woman so lovely inspire so much fear in those that find the “Back Alley.” The men, they stumble out the back of “The Dark Temptation” and end up in a pitch black massacre. She takes her Attack position and zeros in with a Steel Clawed Slash. First, she taunts the men into defending her springing aerial onslaught of Killing Maneuvers, then she slashes the throats of her downed opponents just to make sure!

Capabilities: Rapid Action and Animal Awareness give her an edge in her Murders. She fights with a Predatory Hunger that only remains content for a short period after the incident takes place. With the speed she displays in her ninja-like movements, her face remains to be a blurred vision of a beautiful silhouette.

Mastery: Weaponized Razor Nails, Mixed Martial Arts “Street Fighting”

Mutators:  “Speed Ball”, “Total Aggression”, “Over-Stimulated”

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