“Killer Saw”

Height: 5’11”

Weight: 185 Pounds

This mental case is the epitome of schizophrenia. He had everything going for him, a career and home life. There was something dark lurking inside him, welling up into an uncontrolled blood lust of rage towards humanity. Signs of sinister secrets and unusual behaviors, exhibited during periods of his life, were revealed in secret and those close to him remained oblivious to the disorder. This may have been due to his solidarity during work. As a professional tree climber, he would spend his days at the treetops of Tampa. Being alone with his thoughts would prove to be disastrous. His delusions became reality when Tampa burned to the ground. All those years of escaping his desire to kill came to a halt after the policing authority lost its power to prosecute and incarcerate. This new freedom of anarchy allowed his schizophrenic mind to justify mass murder. Now he has to Kill!

Capabilities: Death from above! This tree climber uses his work skills to stalk his prey. He scales either tree or structure with speed and stealth. If you ever catch his face before a kill, you would see a smirk as he descends down to his unsuspecting victims.

Mastery:  Dual Wielding Push Button Start Chainsaws, Long Power Chainsaw with 36″ Bar

Mutators: “Blood Lust” , “Night-Stalker”

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