“The Butcher”



Height: 6’7″

Weight: 225 Pounds

His sword, deemed “Separator” by ancient tradition, has a brutal and savage origin. Its has been passed through kin over the centuries after being forged from a master samurai. Until it landed in the hands of a teacher, at a local school of Shinkendo. Unfortunately, this teacher that had skillfully taught the discipline of swordsmanship to his pupils, was murdered in a duel of skill between himself and one of his students. The “Separator” was then taken by this troubled apprentice and its dark secrets were revealed! This sword had called upon him in a subconscious allurement and tempted him into an evil awakening.

Capabilities: Uses stealth tactics to gain a decisive advantage over more powerful opponents. Knowledge of a time long forgotten, seems to be transmuted through the “Separator” and reveals secrets of the past!

Mastery: “Separator” (Ancient Blade of Evil), “Illusions”

Mutators: None

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