Purchase Tickets to the Murder House ScareFest in Ybor City in Tampa, Florida!


Parental Advisory: Warning Mature Content, You Have Been Advised. 


BLOG : "Fear is the Ultimate Thrill"


Murder House is on the hunt!!! Beware 2023


 Murder House needs our ScareFans support!   



If you know anyone that enjoys Horror, then share Murder House and have them follow on social media. I am preparing for the true vision of this Scare Festival, as a replacement event for Ybor Cities Guavaween!




Murder House Location: TECO Gasworx Facility Unknown Return.


Ybor City has a rich cultural history and the community appreciates art and expression. Murder House has found an area of Tampa that has accepted the controversial nature of the Haunt. With Murder House’s dark adult themes, Ybor Cities culture supports the brand and is excited about the annual Haunted Attraction.


Please continue to check the website for MH’s Special Event Schedule updates as to Dates, Times and Location.


Murder House raises money for "The Big Cat Rescue" Animal Sanctuary



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Purchase Tickets to the Murder House ScareFest in Ybor City in Tampa, Florida!