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Height: 6’2″

Weight: 200 Pounds

Stay away from the man, only known as “Blackout” for something within him comes out as a hulking beast. It is not known what triggers the transformation and the aforementioned amnesia. The unrecognizable remains of those who encounter this entranced warrior is the only  evidence of his berzerker rage and beastly transformation!

Capabilities: A shock wave of power bursts from the energy emitted from his other worldly transformation. This seismic wave obliterates anything within its outreach. Once the radiant light dissipates from the explosion, the energy then moves back inwards towards the vortex opened from the concussion. The man that was… is lost and what remains is a berzerker raging behemoth! The Gargantuan power within him is an uncontrollable destructive force that decimates anything caught near him with the carnage of a God of War!

Mastery: Explosive energy is discharged through his raging violent attacks. The thunderous blows are extended with an invisible percussion that can can cause an impact that rattles the central nervous system to overload with shock.

Mutators: Unknown

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