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Height: 5’9″

Weight: 190

A Sanitarium bound, psychotic mental patient, contorted out of his straight jacket while being transported to his maximum security padlock in Orlando. An instant commotion ensued on board between the Inmates and the guards assigned to protect the city from these dangerous people. When the guards thought they had regained control of the situation, there was a group of “Clowns” on an overpass waiting to intercept the D.O.C. Bus, to release a fine killer within. There was a Rocket was fired from the “Clowns” above with an RPG Launcher, at the secured vehicle, as it traveled down I-275, toward the I-4 exchange.  The bluebird swerved out of control and struck a barricade tipping the large armored vehicle over! The smoking vehicle came to a rest and blocked the Interstate across all lanes. The smoldering, twisted steel from the undercarriage of the bus was peeled back and as the smoke cleared from the impact hole, a twitching figure in a straight jacket, smiled like a Villain,  as he looked towards the group of Clowns that released the man known as, “CrazyRazor.”

Capabilities: A simple look into the soul, can reveal one's true fears. CrazyRazor brings Fears to reality and after an encounter, ones never the same!

Mastery:  “Insanity”, “Fears”

Mutators: None

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