Height: 5’9″

Weight: 132 pounds

Oh My God, look at her curvy features, her waist will hypnotize and that butt is just simply amazing. She uses her alluring sexuality to chemically control men and women, giving them uncontrollable desires of lust and fantasy! The way she moves her body gets your attention right away and then its all over when she begins to touch you in a loving way. You will get your one night of sexual pleasure satisfied at the cost of your humanity! When you are about to climax she “injects” something into you as you release in a pleasurable trip to Utopia. Then you will find out what a “Mutator” is and forget the way things were and wake up with power that makes you feel incredible. Things change as you lose yourself and search for ways to survive the incredible reality of this new world order.

Capabilities: Sexual pleasure and a way to satisfy your inner animal instinct to breed is the only thing this female goddess has to fight with. Deadly Toxins developed at LabCorp are hidden in reachable locations from the bed at the feet boards or headboards.

Mastery: “Sexual Desire” ,  “Deadly Toxic “Mutators”

Mutators:  None

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