Height: 6’0″

Weight: 135 Pounds

The most inhumane design of traps and ambushes are the thoughts of a summoned creature from another world. Influence is able to build these sophisticated deathtraps as a brilliant mechanical construction that ensnares your being for a slow and gruesome death. Her foresight ability, she becomes an informed warrior designed for speed and after she catches you, she stares blankly at you as your soul leaves your body. A “Signature” for this woman is a deathtrap placed with love and you will be dead before you figure out how.

Capabilities: Has a voice that points out an enemies weakness and reveals the most efficient environment geography for a perfect placement pathway for a “Death Trap” to be set.

Mastery:    “DeathTraps”, “Foresight Ability”

Mutators: “Speed-Ball”, “Foresight”

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