“Sweets The Clown”



Height: 6’5″

Weight: 245 Pounds

His nickname “Sweets” was derived from how chivalrous he was to women on his dates. Unfortunately for this twisted killer, he found none of these women were into a geeky nerd that aspires to become professional gamer. Now his passion is something much worse! He seeks out party girls with a murderous revenge. The sickness doesn’t stop there, his trophy: the heads of his female victims, become a showcase for the girls that he’s “been with.” He eventually even hallows out the heads and pops out the eyes and sticks a candle into them for some kind of sick makeshift Jack-O-Lantern.

Capabilities: Slays anyone standing in his way of his fetish Murders. He keeps coming for his intended target with a relentless assault. Nothing can stop him and nothing can stop his victims from death

Mastery: He loves to be intimately close to any of the women he kills. He prefers short ranged weapons to allow him to get personal with his women.

Mutators: “Invulnerability”

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