“Techno Killer”


Height: 5′ 6″

Weight: 159 Pounds

A very peculiar man, a genius with a twitch, with odd suspect behaviors that have always raised alarm during his breakthrough genetic procedures, has the mind to create wonders but instead uses his intelligence to change the balance of power in a sinister fashion. Working at a private lab here in Tampa, this insane geneticist developed a weapon that stimulates adrenaline response and ATP release and thus overloads the subject with reactive chemicals. The chemical response is a feeling of power and euphoria demonstrated with a blood boil and savage change to murderous self proclamation. All this research and testing is covered by a corporate title and paycheck. His experiments didn’t end there! This murderers sick mind developed psychotic twisted concoctions to overcome his physical limitations that prevented his need to control the city by creating anarchy. Giving normal citizens power in the form of “Mutators” allows for a new type of sickness to arise. Villains that rival the military strength of the police state, take to the streets after being lured by his accomplice (Haze) and administered the “Mutator.” The resulting chaos gives the killing satisfaction of a true dictator to this maniacal    “Techno Killer.”

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