the bouncer new

“The Bouncer”



Height: 6’11”

Weight: 513 Pounds



No one is safe here in Tampa, now that the Bouncer is for hire. He murders any target for a one-time cheap price. This mercenary has taken hundreds of bounties and his calling card is a mangled corpse. His business is booming, the kill count is racking up! Find him at “The Dark Temptation” or take a business card and give a call with a name and payment. This thing is always “Mr. Hyde” no science needed.

Capabilities: One squeeze from his giant over-sized hand, crushes bones into powder and leaves the corpse as formless mush! His strength and energy are not of this world! Every blow inflicted is a one hit kill! It would be unwise to stand up to this freak, instead cower and accept your untimely death! If you challenge him and fight, instead of killing you swiftly, he makes you suffer pain and agony!

Mastery: He is a walking weapon! His hands are like the “Grim Reaper” himself, only much more violent and destructive.

Mutators: None


Vehicle Monster : The “Murder House” Hearse


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