“The Joke Killer”


Height: 6’0 FT

Weight: 190 Pounds

A man of unknown identity plays with chaos as one of the cities most notorious criminals. As the richest man in town, he has the power to command an army, as anything can be bought. “What excites me in this world does not cost money!”, he would say. Dynamite, C4, and gasoline have something in common, they are all cheap. He knows how important having the right tools for the job can be. The same painstaking care is taken to select his team of “Henchmen.” After “Tryouts” the surviving psychopath is added to his team of quality killers. Employing many of these “Clowns” he creates a distraction to mystify his victims with a multiplicity illusion. The “Criminal Warehouse”: a recruitment center for the deranged, has been fortified into a military compound. Now the “The Joke Killer” is building his army here and utilizing brain tactics to ensure that his followers are cold-blooded killers. He has set his sights on the Government barricade on the “Thrill Kill” borders. Beyond this he wants to rise up against the establishment, to see the fall of corruption so that he can enjoy the pureness that only anarchy can provide.

Capabilities: A city full of citizens are ready to join the “Clowns” because their only chance of survival is a life of slavery to earn protection from Tampa’s most powerful criminal.

Mastery: “Army of Darkness” (Thrill Kill Slaves) , “Henchmen” (Quality Killers)

Mutators: None

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