“The Mutant”



Height: Over 9ft’

Weight: 315 Pounds

An enhanced being from biological advancement, The Mutant has been seen, spotted on the streets of Tampa Bay. The source of all its power is unknown, it seems as if an intelligence from another world, manifests itself within this being to create moving biological weapons to defend its existence.

Capabilities: Organic Bio-Active weaponry transforms from thoughts. Inspired thoughts of intelligence that pass through symbolic visions are received by “The Mutant” from an unknown source. This creature's evolution revealed secrets giving it powers of Speed & Agility without the normal fatigue a human would experience. This being doesn’t have to sleep, it doesn’t have to eat, it moves in a way that can intimidate its foes and the intensity of its presence makes for no way to escape. It backs you into a corner when you are in the wide open. If you resist then you are met with no mercy, any damage received to this otherworldly monster can be reversed and its limbs can even materialize from the smallest piece of organism!

Mastery: Over-Sized Giant Sword, Inhuman Razor Claw Hand, Bio-Regeneration

Mutators: None

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